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La Tavola Fine Linen Rental opened in the Napa Valley in 2008 as a boutique linen rental provider with the mission to creatively and diligently service clients with the very best in linens.  They aspired to do what no one else in the industry was doing – creating unique styles that mirror the finest in the design and fashion worlds.

Today, La Tavola has showrooms throughout California including locations in Beverly Hills, Healdsburg, Los Gatos, Newport Beach, Sacramento, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, as well as in Dallas, Texas and Scottsdale, Arizona.  Their delivery service recently expanded to include truck deliveries to the Lake Tahoe area.

Melding quality with style, La Tavola’s repertoire of designs includes over 1,000 different types of fabrics that range from formal to rustic, neutral to vibrant, prints to solids, classic to whimsical. Their fabrics are sourced from top-notch manufacturers around the world who craft their products for prominent interior design, home decor, and fashion industry leaders. Their linens are then made in their Napa warehouse, where they are designed with regard for both form and function. In the interest of function, all of their napkins are lined with linen on one side or made of absorptive fabric. For the sake of form, all of their designs drape to the floor creating a one-of-a-kind, luxurious look and feel.

La Tavola feels privileged to take part in momentous occasions like wedding celebrations, and they value each opportunity to bring beauty and joy to every couple’s experience.


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