Something Old, Something New – Magical Tahoe Memories

Kim was originally from the Sacramento area, and growing up, she spent many summers and winters in Lake Tahoe with her family.   When Guy proposed to her, there was no doubt in Kim’s mind where she wanted to celebrate her nuptials.  A Tahoe wedding celebration not only gave Kim a chance to relive old memories, but it also gave many guests who were traveling from Southern California, New York, Ohio and Colorado a chance to experience Tahoe for the first time.

The couple’s magical wedding celebration was delightfully captured by photographer Ashley Strong Smith.


The Couple’s Story:

Before they finally met, Kim and Guy were separated from each other by a lot less than six degrees.  They both attended California State University Long Beach, lived 5-10 minutes away from each other, shopped at the same grocery stores and hung out at the same places.  But it was technology, a dating app, that ultimately brought them together in August 2016.

Their first date felt more like a job interview to Kim.  “Guy asked a lot of questions”, she recalls.  But through this kind of questioning, Kim learned from Guy “the art of listening.”  Ultimately, the success for Kim and Guy’s relationship was that neither of them had any wild, crazy expectations; they both wanted to have fun with their online dating experience. And what fun it was!

In 2018, they took the next step and moved in together, and in 2020, with the pandemic and working from home, they became even closer.  In August 2020, on a trip to San Diego, at sunset on the beach, they exchanged anniversary gifts (since August was the month when they met).   Guy gave Kim a stuffed animal, and stuffed inside it was a ring box.  The proposal was very intimate, emotional and of course she said “YES!”

Tahoe has always been a special place for Kim – she calls it her “home away from home.”  Nestled along the beautiful shoreline of North Lake Tahoe, Brockway Springs in Kings Beach was where Kim and her family often stayed.  So naturally, the couple chose Brockway Springs for their accommodations.  On the morning of the wedding, October 3, 2021, Kim enjoyed a hair and make-up session with her mom, mother-in-law-to-be and grandmother, while Guy got dressed with the gentlemen upstairs. 

Photographer Ashley Strong Smith carefully arranged their pre-ceremony shots separately, as Kim and Guy chose not to see each other before the nuptials.  During Kim’s photo session, a lucky ladybug landed on her dress.  “There was something so magical about that moment,” she recalls.

The ceremony and reception took place at The Chateau at Incline Village.  Kim and Guy celebrated their marriage outdoors on the lawn as their thirty guests looked on.  Kim meticulously wrote out her own vows while Guy spontaneously delivered his from the heart.  DJ Erik Riekenberg from Epik Weddings & Events provided the ceremony music, and a close friend served as the officiant. 

Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres followed on the deck, giving guests sweeping views of the Sierra mountains, the Lake and the adjacent golf course.  Afterwards, guests were invited inside The Chateau, which featured vaulted timber ceilings, a large stone fireplace, and more mountain & lake views.   DJ Erik introduced the parents followed by the newlyweds.  Four congratulatory toasts ensued.

Guested savored a seated dinner, which included a salad of mixed greens and an entree choice of Seared Scallops, Chicken Breast or Filet of Beef.  Kim remarked, “The food was delicious and we really wanted our guests to have a good experience.”  The evening continued with everyone on the dance floor, a fun photo booth and a delicious wedding cake from Lake Tahoe Cakes

Kim and Guy are now expecting a baby girl in October 2022.  Our best wishes to the happily ever-after couple!


Nuptial Advice from the Bride:

“Be as present as you possibly can, the day goes by so, so fast.  There will always be something that could possibly go wrong.  Focus on the reason why you’re getting married.  Focus on your partner and your guests.  And don’t do anything that doesn’t feel good.”


Vendor Credits:

Venue: The Chateau at Incline Village   |   Photographer: Ashley Strong Smith   |   Music and Photo Booth:  Epik Weddings & Events   |   Makeup Artist: Makeup by Mandie   |   Cake: Lake Tahoe Cakes   |   Cookies: The Cookie Trail   |   Bride’s Dress: BHLDN   |   Bride’s Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

Tahoe Wedding Entertainment Takes a Big Leep Forward

A horse and carriage, a bagpiper and two drummers parading down the road would certainly turn the head of any passerby on Highway 28 in Lake Tahoe.  But to Jeff Leep, it was simply all in a day’s work.

The groom in this Indian wedding wanted to arrive at the ceremony in style.  He and his best man rode in a horse-drawn carriage, with a fleet of limos trailing behind them while, ahead of them, a marching bagpiper, snare drummer and bass drummer led the procession in festive fashion.  The musicians were carefully selected and procured for this grandest of grand entrances. 

It’s a role Jeff Leep relishes as booking agent for a wide variety of entertainment through his Reno/Tahoe-based company, Leep Entertainment.  “I love making a party great!” enthuses Jeff, who also happens to be a band leader and a versatile musician who plays the saxophone and flute.

Jeff Leep on the saxophone - Tahoe wedding entertainment

Jeff calls himself the “Rosetta Stone” of musical entertainment, because, according to him, he decodes the potentially overwhelming and confusing world of musical entertainment to unacquainted brides and grooms. In turn, after procuring the right musician, DJ or performer for the couple, he helps the entertainers understand the couple’s needs from a buyer’s standpoint.  “I can interpret the needs of both sides and create a great deal, a win-win situation for everybody,” he said. 

Jeff’s mother was an opera singer, so he started out in the classical music world as a bassoon player for the Reno Philharmonic.  In his mid-twenties, he branched out to jazz and rock ’n’ roll, performing in a variety of bands. 

It was during that time that he discovered he had an aptitude for business. “I saw other band leaders making all kinds of mistakes in these little bar bands, in dealing with the owners and whatnot,” Jeff recalls. “And so I then decided to become a band leader and became successful at it.”

Eventually, in the early 1990s, Jeff opened a talent agency in Reno, booking his own band, other bands, DJs, and a variety of talent, such as classical pianists, caricature artists and strolling magicians.

Strolling Magician from Leep Entertainment

Today, Leep Entertainment provides musical entertainment to corporate events, high-end social parties, traveling shows with big-name performers, Broadway touring shows… and, of course, weddings.

Their weddings run the gamut from three-hour nuptials in mother’s backyard to seven-hour celebrations at major hotels, but each event is unique, Jeff explains.  “We don’t just use a formula and stamp out the same type of wedding every time.  We make it unusual, different and customized to the brides and grooms’ needs.  The bride generally will have an idea in her mind. And we help her be able to create that vision as best we can within her budget.”

Lake Tahoe wedding guests dancing to Leep Entertainment DJ

Selecting the best possible entertainment for a wedding couple often requires fine tuning, and “I’m like a human resources director,” Jeff says.  “Let’s say they want a piano player. Well, I’ve got ten different piano players that I can bring in.  Do they want classical, do they want Broadway, do they want jazz, do they want rock ’n’ roll, do they want somebody who could sing?  You know, all those things that buyers have never thought about before.”

Regardless of the choices his couples make, Jeff is very confident with the entertainment he provides, whether it be his own band or somebody else. “I only hire the very best people, the very best DJs, the very best musicians. I trust them like solid gold that they’re going to take care of the brides and grooms,” he says.

That’s certainly music to a wedding couple’s ears.

Wedding couple dancing to Leep Entertainment music

Jeff Leep’s Top Tips for the Nearly-Weds Planning Their Big Day

  1. Invest in entertainment.

After procuring big-ticket items like the venue and the food and beverage, couples would do well to budget for music, Jeff believes.  “The music is going to set the flavor.  It’s one of the things people are going to remember most about the wedding,” he says.

The pièce de résistance is when guests come up to the bride and say, “’You know, we had a great time tonight.  The food was great.  But where did you get that DJ or where did you get that band? They were outstanding!’  It makes everybody feel good, and the bride’s getting compliments from her own guests,” Jeff remarks.  “That’s what everybody remembers, the entertainment.”

Leep Entertainment DJ - Lake Tahoe wedding

  1. Consider the ages of your guests.

Selecting music for all age groups—a little bit of Sinatra, Dean Martin or the Glen Miller Orchestra for the grandparents, selections from the ‘60s, ‘70s or ‘80s for the parents, as well as the songs favored by the bride and groom and their friends—can go a long way toward guest satisfaction, he said.

“In my opinion, the best weddings have music that allows each age group to have at least something that they can relate to,” Jeff observes.  “When you’re planning your music, don’t forget people that are older and younger than you are.”

  1. Have a solid emcee.

A master of ceremonies is essential to keep the guests informed and help with the flow of the event, according to Jeff.

“The power of the microphone is incredibly important because you want to let the guests know what’s going on in the reception and cocktail hour.  You have to have an effective and concise person at the microphone.  An effective and great master of ceremonies will talk and make simple announcements, usually one or two sentences.”

These announcements, for instance, could include the arrival of the wedding couple to the dance floor or when the buffet line will open.  Good DJ’s will not only supply the musical entertainment, but will be able to skillfully emcee the reception as well.

  1. Hire a professional.

Jeff recommends investing in a seasoned professional if your budget allows, versus having that “friend from college” deejay your wedding for free.  The advantages to hiring a professional are many, beginning with experience, skill and the ability to read a crowd.

Jeff explains that before the wedding, when consulting with a DJ or band, the wedding couple should provide a “must playlist” and a “no playlist.”  The “must playlist” will detail all the special songs the couple wants to hear, but the “no playlist” will consist of forbidden songs.

YMCA, according to Jeff, is a classic example of a song that can pop up on either playlist.  “For some people, if you don’t play YMCA, they’re going to be mad.  And for other people: ‘if you play YMCA, we’re going to have to choke you,’” he chuckled.

“But then in the middle, there is this gray area.  And this gray area is where the DJ or band needs to be able to use their judgement,” he continued.  “A great DJ or a great band leader like we have at Leep Entertainment will be able to what they call ‘read the crowd.’ 

“It means they’re looking out.  They don’t know (ahead of time) what kind of guests you’re going to have.  Sometimes it’s all one type of people and one age group.  Usually, it’s a variety of people.  Sometimes, it’s people from other countries.  Or half the audience is Italian.  This might alter the songs outside of the ‘must playlist’ and ‘no playlist,’ the songs that the DJ has discretion to be able to choose, that they think is best.  You’re going to trust the DJ to make the proper selections at the proper moment.  That’s reading the crowd.”

The professionalism will also extend to conduct and appearance, such as adhering to a no-alcohol policy while working or making sure to dress in keeping with the style of the wedding, whether it be a formal affair or a luau.

Jeff Leep Orchestra performing

Last but not least, all musicians, DJ’s and performers should be properly licensed and insured, which is a requirement of many venues.


These are all standards that Jeff Leep holds for himself as well as the professionals that Leep Entertainment supplies to its clients.  Jeff remarks, “I have no worries, knowing that I’ve provided the very best talent to the brides and grooms for their wedding, and that makes me feel good at night.”


Photos courtesy of Pink Frog Marketing Solutions.

A Festive Fete in the Forest

There’s something magical and enchanting about a wedding in the woods.  Above you, a tapestry of blue sky and boughs serves as your canopy; below you, the sun-dappled undergrowth your floor; and around you, stately trees stand as silent witnesses to your exchange of vows.

For Correen and Kellen, a woodland wedding was a natural choice – since Kellen had lived in Tahoe City, they wanted a wedding with a Tahoe feel and a forested setting. They found the ideal spot for their nuptials tucked away in the Sierra Nevada mountains near Lake Tahoe:  Twenty Mile House, a historic complex surrounded by acres of lush forests traversed by babbling creeks and a river.

The rustic yet elegant essence of Correen and Kellen’s festive celebration was creatively and comprehensively captured by Jeramie Lu Photography.

Coreen and Kellen’s Save-the-Date card featured photos of the couple amid beautiful alpine landscapes. Their invitation was embellished with an elegant sketching of distant mountains surrounded by pine trees.

Hues of mauve, a color Correen loves, plus neutrals of grey, ivory and green, as well as pops of navy, beautifully underscored the antique elegance of their celebration and juxtaposed nicely with the rustic and woodland surroundings.

Correen stunned in her trumpet gown with a lace bodice and gorgeous lace detailing throughout.  Gracing her hand was an exquisite, antique-style engagement ring custom-designed by Kellen.

The bridal bouquets designed by Gray’s Flower Garden consisted of softly hued garden roses, accented with blue-centered white anemones and seeded eucalyptus.  They were the perfect complement to the bridesmaids’ dresses, which were all in the same lovely shade of mauve but varied in dress style, according to the bridesmaids’ choosing.

Meanwhile, in a fusion of style and comfort, Kellen and his groomsmen wore Wrangler dress jeans that actually looked like dress pants, along with cowboy boots, a grey vest and a navy tie over a white shirt.

The ceremony site was in a clearing surrounded by soaring pine trees that reached to the sky.  The pristine natural setting was beautiful and “didn’t need much decorating since it was gorgeous,” recalled Correen.

The forest scene was enhanced by wine barrels topped with lovely flower arrangements and, in front, a wooden arch draped with gauzy white fabric and adorned with a gorgeous assortment of blooms and greenery.

Family was a central theme in Correen and Kellen’s wedding.  On the long pathway leading to the ceremony site, the trees that lined the way were hung with family portraits in antique-looking frames.

Moreover, framed pictures of both Kellen’s mother and godmother, who had passed away, were displayed on the front row of the groom’s side of the aisle.  As Correen and Kellen exchanged vows before the pictures, the officiant who performed the ceremony happened to also be the son of the godmother in the picture, another touching tribute.

A family heirloom belonging to Correen’s family played a significant part in the ceremony as well—an antique flower holder that had been used in family weddings for generations.  This time it was carried, not by Correen, but by Kellen as he walked down the aisle, symbolizing his mother, as well as the blending of two families.

The personal family touches continued through to the reception.  The guest tables were decorated with simple but elegant garlands of eucalyptus greenery woven around wooden lanterns crafted by Correen’s brothers and stained by Kellen’s father.  The metal table numbers were made by Kellen, who happens to be a fabrication supervisor in charge of the welding department at his work.  A friend did the calligraphy for all the signs. “Everyone had a part in helping,” Correen remarked.

Following the ceremony, signature cocktails featured the couple’s favorite summertime drinks: the groom’s drink was jack and lemonade and the bride’s was vodka soda with a splash of sprite and lime.  Hors d’oeuvres consisted of Thai meatballs, polenta bites and loaded potato chips.

The dinner menu served by Pangaea Catering included local grass-fed sirloin with house-made bourbon sauce, lemon and herb-brined chicken drizzled with a chardonnay and sage cream sauce, rosemary focaccia, greens with cheese, apples/pears and toasted pecans, almond pilaf and more.

A dessert bar featured sweet treats like berry lemon shooters, espresso shooters, ding dong cakes and cannelloni.  The couple shared a small personal wedding cake, fittingly topped with a pine cone and decorated in bark-like frosting.

Correen’s advice to couples planning to wed: “It really doesn’t have to be that stressful.  Don’t get stressed, breathe, and have people help.  Have family help you, have friends help you.”  It’s a conviction Correen and Kellen took to heart.  Their celebration was a festive tribute not only to the alpine setting of Kellen’s hometown, but also to family, both past and present.


Vendor Credits:

Photographer – Jeramie Lu Photography  |  Venue – Twenty Mile House  |  Bride’s Dress – Calla Blanche  |  Ring – Diamond Vault  |  Bride’s Shoes – Betsey Johnson  |  Bridesmaids’ Dresses –  Birdy Grey  |  Hairstylist – Maddison Bland  |  Makeup – Nikki Scheerer  |  Florist – Gray’s Flower Garden  |  Caterer – Pangaea Catering  |  Cake – Grandma Jane’s Place  |  Invitations – Minted  |  DJ – Jon Alder, DJ’s in Reno  |  Videographer – Little Wild

The Best of Tahoe Weddings for 2020

In 2020, we learned to love a little deeper, to cherish the things that matter most, and to connect with each other in ways we never had before. While weddings may have changed, we made the most out of everything this year gave us. Many might say that this year tested them in ways that no other year before had done, but in the end, we still found something worth celebrating. Here’s a look back on some of the best moments that 2020 gave us here at Tahoe Engaged, and the incredible couples and vendors who brought them to life.


Amazing Tahoe Weddings


Love Conquers COVID

Marisa and Dacklin’s love story played out quite like your favorite romantic comedy, with the perfect ‘meet-cute’ in an airport and endless adventures together. They got engaged at the end of 2019 and began planning their perfect wedding. But when COVID-19 hit and the world shut down in March, their plans quickly changed. Marisa, being a reptile biologist, takes the science behind the pandemic very seriously and did not want to plan an event that could put people at risk. She conducted endless research and planned a meticulous and socially distant wedding that allowed everyone to celebrate safely. From bubble guns to maracas to reduce droplets, socially distant tables and individually packaged meals, accommodating vendors and respectful guests, Marisa and Dacklin’s wedding was a celebration to remember. 

Lake Tahoe real weddings 2020 - Marisa and Dacklin at The Hideout

Vendor Credits

Venue: The HideOut  |  Photographer: Sarah Rittenour Photography  |  Videographer: Vow + Covenant  |  Zoom Coordinator: Wedfuly  |  Flowers (wedding party, arch, centerpieces): Inspirations by Gina  |  Decor for Ceremony Aisle: Mama Earth Farm with arrangement by Cynthia Shambaugh  |  Lavender: Bluestone Meadow Farm  |  Masks: Marissa D Poulin Designs   |  Cake: Sugarcoated Cupcakes  |  Beverages: BevMo (South Lake Tahoe)  |  Bride’s Dress: Emerald City Gowns  |  Tailoring: Lammay  |    |  Hair and Makeup: Rah Hair Studio  |  Rentals: Premier Event Rentals  |  Rehearsal Dinner Food: Ray’s Take n’ Bake Pizza  |  Wedding Dinner Food: Swingle Meat Co., Mama Earth Farm


Eloping to the Top of Tahoe

Liz and Matt were originally going to have a family-only, 20-person ceremony in South Lake Tahoe in July 2020. They had already done quite a bit of planning when the coronavirus brought an abrupt halt to their progress. They hemmed and hawed for a few months about what to do.  After giving themselves the space to grieve the loss of their original plans, they decided to move forward with their lives and elope!  Liz later confided, “I’d always secretly found the idea of eloping so romantic.” Liz and Matt used their elopement as a chance to really get away and enjoy each other. With endless possibilities, they chose Lake Tahoe. They knew that they wanted their wedding day to include hiking, their dog, music, and drinks at sunset. Their photographers, VILD Photography, found the perfect mountaintop location. Liz and Matt hopped in their Jeep with Louie, their canine companion, and said “I do” as the sunset over the Sierras.  

Lake Tahoe wedding elopement 2020 - Liz and Matt

Vendor Credits

Photographer:  VILD Photography  |  Florist:  Twine Floral Co.  |  Hair Stylist:  Rah Hair Studio  |  Bride’s Dress:  Show Me Your Mumu  |  Groom’s Attire:  Indochino  |  Ring Designer:  Ben Shemano Jewelry


A Heavenly Experience

Two adventurers at heart, Jason and Angela spent 7 incredible years traveling and growing together. Jason planned the perfect engagement after a rigorous trek with Angela to Mt. Everest Base Camp. At just over 17,000 feet, the trek to Base Camp was one of the most intense and challenging feats they’d ever accomplished together, but it was one they’ll never forget. To keep the adventure flowing, they decided to get married at the top of Heavenly Mountain in Lake Tahoe. They planned an entire weekend of festivities for their guests and their sweet corgi, Basil, even made an appearance in the ceremony. It was truly to most epic Lake Tahoe day!

Lake Tahoe real weddings - Jason and Angela at Heavenly

Vendor Credits

Venue and Catering: Heavenly  |  Photographer: VILD Photography  |  Florist: South Lake Tahoe Enchanted Florist  |  DJ: Cornerstone Entertainment  |  Cake: Flour Girl Wedding Cakes


A Celebration for All Seasons

It’s been said before that rain on a wedding day is good luck. If that’s the case, then Tara and Aaron’s wintry wonderland celebration – which included rain, slush, and snow – must have meant infinite luck and prosperity. Tara and Aaron’s romance began as a whirlwind. They met at a party and quickly fell for each other. Aaron travels frequently for work and soon after they began talking, they jetted off to Hawaii together. The rest is history. Tara and Aaron chose Truckee’s Lodge at Tahoe Donner for their nuptials on what was meant to be a sunny afternoon in September. Mother Nature had other plans. Experiencing 3 seasons in one day, they were forced to bring their wedding indoors, but that didn’t slow them down! They celebrated with the ones they love under the cover of a tent with lawn games and popcorn for the bride who doesn’t love sweets. It was a day they’ll never forget!


Real weddings - Tahoe Donner

Vendor Credits

Venue & Catering: The Lodge at Tahoe Donner  |  Bride’s Gown: Swoon Bridal  |  Cake & Desserts:  Lake Tahoe Cakes  |  Floral Designer: Love and Lupines  |  Photographer: KSL Wedding  |  Wedding Planner:  Marcella Camille Events 


Fantastic Tahoe Vendors


Inspirations by Gina

Gina Lett Shrewsberry discovered her love for floral design by way of her event planning business. She began by offering florals as a part of her wedding packages but loved it so much she made the full time shift over to floral design. Though this year has meant she’s had to adjust her sails, Gina welcomed the challenge. She’s used her time this year wisely, offering delivery and personalized floral arrangements as well as designing for much smaller events and elopements. She puts extra love and care into her designs, and loves to create something truly unique and awe-inspiring. 

Lake Tahoe wedding vendor spotlight - Inspirations by Gina


Blue Sky Events

Kerry of Blue Sky Events began her career in event planning working at Zephyr Cove Resort as a college student at the University of Pittsburgh. After meeting her now-husband, Jason, and receiving her dream job offer from Zephyr Cove Resort, she made the permanent move to Lake Tahoe. Jason and Kerry eventually decided to go into business for themselves, and so Blue Sky Events was born. The two grew their business into an event planning powerhouse, planning events around the area as well as up and down the West Coast for companies such as Google. Though the 2020 season is unprecedented for them, Kerry believes that they can endure anything. She misses creating beautiful events terribly, but looks forward to a bustling 2021 season doing what she loves most.

Lake Tahoe wedding planners - Blue Sky Events


Swoon Bridal

Michelle of Swoon Bridal inherited her love for ‘beautiful things’ from her mother, Kendyl. After working in bridal in the Bay Area, she returned to Reno/Tahoe to share her love with local brides. A year after her mother passed away in 2008, she opened the doors to Swoon Bridal in Reno in her memory. Michelle and the Swoon team take pride in the diversity of their hand-curated collection, bringing designers from all over the world into the area. Through the pandemic, they’ve discovered unique ways to continue to cater to their special brides from virtual appointments to socially distanced dress fittings. Michelle and her team continue to live by the motto ‘love isn’t cancelled’ and look forward to seeing their new brides married in the new year. 

Reno-Tahoe wedding vendors - Swoon bridal salon


Northstar at Tahoe

Nestled atop the Sierra Nevada mountains sits the Zephyr Lodge, with panoramic views and wide-open spaces of everything that the Lake Tahoe region has to offer. Northstar at Tahoe’s wedding destination is built with reclaimed materials and boasts an epic dining hall and patio that can accommodate up to 300 guests. Northstar also offers all-inclusive wedding weekend packages, making it simple for their couples to leave much of the planning to the pros while enjoying their weekend with family and friends. In addition to mountaintop nuptials, Northstar offers a multitude of entertaining activities both on-site and in the area during the summer months. Fun-filled favorites include golf, mountain biking, youth activities, swimming, retail shopping, and dining. Its proximity to Lake Tahoe also makes it the perfect destination to celebrate your Lake Tahoe wedding!

Lake Tahoe wedding venues - Northstar


Beautiful & Beloved Photography

On their website, Blanca & Brandon Photography is described as “a photography husband and wife team that runs on caffeine, loves a good cupid shuffle and is so in love with our job!”  So Tahoe Engaged was delighted when Blanca and Brandon had a moment to share some background information about themselves and their business… and most kindly, some of their beautiful photos, too.

Get to Know Blanca and Brandon

Originally from the Reno/Tahoe area, Blanca and Brandon met at Truckee Meadows Community College during a yoga class. After college, Blanca moved to LA, and they dated long distance for two years. Then Brandon then moved down to be with Blanca, and they began working in photography together. They began their photography business as headshot photographers, a unique market in Southern California. But they longed to be back in their homeland.

After returning to Tahoe in 2017, Blanca and Brandon spent a lot of time learning about the local wedding industry and working together with other wedding professionals and photographers. As the local wedding community is very tight-knit, Blanca was impressed at how everyone in the area was so welcoming and willing to help them succeed. She remarked, “with over 12,000 weddings in Lake Tahoe every year, there is enough for everyone to succeed!”

B&B’s Business in the Time of COVID- 19

With COVID-19 wreaking havoc on the events industry, Blanca and Brandon made adjustments to their business to fit the changing times. They photographed more elopements and did their best to accommodate their couples who needed to postpone their weddings until next year. They also took on more portrait photography and offered some new specials to new potential clients outside of their wedding couples. Typically, Blanca and Brandon participate in 30-35 weddings per year. But in 2021, they’re considering opening a few more wedding dates to more couples in order to make up for this season.

A Reno Tahoe Love Story

Blanca and Brandon developed an incredible way to give back to the community by creating “Reno Tahoe Love Story” – a conglomerate of local wedding vendors who donate their services for one day each year to an extraordinary couple.

For their inaugural giveaway in 2019, vendors included Swoon Bridal, Haven Florals, La Di Da Beauty, Rebel Pioneer Bakery, Pretty Little Paper Co., and Cohen Creates. Each vendor donated a service in order to put together the perfect wedding for a lucky couple. Couples could enter the giveaway by submitting their love story through Blanca and Brandon’s website. The vendors carefully read through 40+ applications and chose the winners.

Blanca and Brandon intended to continue this giveaway yearly, but unfortunately, they were unable to this year due to COVID. But Reno Tahoe Love Story will return in 2021 with more vendors participating. 


Blanca & Brandon Photography has a bright and airy style and a passion for capturing all things love, making them an integral part of the Reno/Tahoe wedding community. Be sure to keep an eye out for Reno Tahoe Love Story 2021!


5 Reasons to Elope to Lake Tahoe

Planning a wedding is arguably one of the most exciting, albeit intense, part of getting married. This year, that process looks a little different. 2020 has been an unprecedented year for us all. Plans have changed for many and the world is a very different place than it was a year ago. With that, weddings have transformed in many unique and creative ways as we adjust to our new normal with COVID-19. Many couples have now chosen to elope to Lake Tahoe for its incredible attributes.  Here are some of the reasons why we believe Tahoe is one of the best places to run away and get married.

1. The Scenery

Lake Tahoe boasts one of the most unique landscapes in the world. From its pristine, crystal clear waters to its jagged mountain peaks, it’s an incredible location to promise forever to the one you love most. It is truly an unforgettable experience to be around the natural majesty that this area has to offer all year round.

Lake Tahoe micro ceremony overlooking Emerald Baycouple eloped to Lake Tahoe walking near forest with fall foliage

Photo Credits: Jocelyn Noel and Shines Photography


2. The Intimacy

Make your day all about YOU and your partner. Lake Tahoe is known for its panoramic alpine views and vast wilderness. It’s an easy place to sneak away into the pines for an intimate elopement or micro wedding. If you’re looking to elope in this area, we recommend hiring a local elopement photographer or officiant. They know all the ‘top secret’ locations to truly make your big day one of a kind. 

couple with officiant under pine tree at intimate location near Lake Tahoecouple at intimate beach at Lake Tahoe

Photo Credit: AJ Photography 


3. Talented Wedding Professionals

When it comes to wedding professionals, Lake Tahoe is home to some of the best creative talents in the world. If you’re looking to run away to the Sierras, look no further than the incredible vendors here in our area.

Christa Deane Mountain High Weddings officiating elopement in forest near Lake TahoePhoto Credit:  AJ Photography
eloping couple kissing at end of Lake Tahoe pier


4. Year Around Activities

Not only is Lake Tahoe picturesque in every way, but it’s also an adventure destination. Whether you’re looking to have guests in town or spend your wedding getaway with your partner, there is something for everyone here. During the summer, you can hit the beaches, take a boat out on the lake, take a hike, and mountain bike some of the incredible trails in the area. During the winter, you can hit the slopes, snowmobile in the backcountry, and enjoy some apres-ski at one of the many great restaurants and bars in the area. 

couple elopes in summer standing in meadow near Lake Tahoecouple walking in Lake Tahoe water with winter snow on mountains nearby

Photo Credits:  AJ Photography and Kyle Beckmann Photography


5. It’s the Perfect Place to Begin Your Honeymoon

No need to jet away to another destination, everything you need is right here. Go from enjoying your incredibly intimate wedding day together into an incredible vacation of a lifetime.

couple elopes to secluded location overlooking Lake Tahoe and Emerald BayPhoto Credit: Jocelyn Noel


Final Thoughts from a Wedding Pro:

The above photos were taken at elopements officiated by Tahoe Engaged member Christa Deane with Mountain High Weddings.  Christa was kind enough to share some of her thoughts on elopements with us. 

She remarked, “I am loving all the elopements!  I know 2020 has not been as good as we all had hoped for, but I am loving the creativity that is coming from couples and the vendors who have helped them still get married. So many couples have been disappointed in not having their ‘big’ weddings, but on the flip side many were relieved and amazed. A few couples said they ‘got over the big party’ after being able to move the wedding budget to their honeymoon or wedding week, and were able to afford a convertible or upgrade to a suite.”


No matter what you’re looking for in your elopement, Lake Tahoe can provide it. From the rustic natural atmosphere to the year around adventures, the Tahoe region will provide everything you’ve ever imagined and so much more.