The First Step to an Amazing Celebration

You have never planned a wedding before, so you’re not expected to know what you don’t know… until someone with nuptial knowledge and experience shows you what’s really possible, practical and suitable for your budget.  That’s why as a wedding couple about to embark upon planning your special day, it’s important to surround yourself with the best wedding industry professionals.

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Location:  Resort at Squaw Creek

Typically, you would start with a Wedding Planner and Designer, whose role is similar to that of a Project Manager.  With their extensive knowledge of the Lake Tahoe region, the Wedding Planners from Tahoe Engaged offer expert advice to help you select the right site and service providers for your Tahoe celebration.

(By the way, we refer to your team of wedding professionals as service providers, not vendors.  We’re not exactly sure who coined the term “vendor” for a wedding, but this term usually conjures up images of a guy on the street corner selling hot dogs, or a machine spitting out a candy bar after you insert a few bucks.)

A Wedding Planner also develops project management tools such as a timeline, schematic floor plans and a vendor list, in order to efficiently orchestrate your celebration.  Finally, the Wedding Planner is on site for your rehearsal and wedding day, overseeing every intimate detail of the wedding, and managing the “dream team” of wedding professionals that you have secured.  You simply relax and savor the experience!

Wedding Planner Winter Tahoe - Charleton Churchill PhotographyPhoto:  Charleton Churchill Photography

A Wedding Planner with design experience can complement your wedding visions and offer ways to make your wedding more amazing than you could ever imagine.  A Wedding Designer should have formal training in a relevant field such as Floral Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design or Fashion Design.  

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You should carefully examine the Wedding Designer’s portfolios and other materials that demonstrate how he/she has designed prior weddings.  Since the Wedding Designer needs to understand your personal preferences in order to design a wedding that reflects your personal tastes, they should also be asking you lots of questions, so they can begin to understand what’s important to you.

Wedding Table Design - Chaz Cruz PhotographersPhoto:  Chaz Cruz Photographers

So, for the same reasons that professional accountants are used to help with your income taxes, professional Wedding Planners and Designers are hired to help couples with their weddings.  The only difference is that a wedding celebration is a lot more fun than Form 1040!